Spiritual Attunement Sessions

I am used by the Holy Spirit as a portal for communication and energetic change. In Spiritual Attunement sessions I tune in to higher consciousness (the Holy Spirit) and access divine knowledge. Usually there is an unfolding of clarity about what life is bringing and why, guidance on how to best align for intended outcomes, and/or revelation that sheds light on your blind spots (what is needed to be seen that you may have been missing). Often these blind spots are the source of repeated patterns in your life... a dynamic that keeps cropping up with different people and in different situations over the course of life, always resulting in the same outcome or feeling. These patterns and blind spots reflect where we are "stuck". Whether it is a pattern of betrayal, abandonment, self sabotage, addiction, or some other disappointing outcome, realization of the pattern can be a huge breakthrough, and understanding what the soul/spiritual cause of it is can lead to healing, forgiveness, release, and the relief of new progress and resolution.

Usually these sessions include:

• Understanding where life is for you at the moment,

• Answers to practical questions about life circumstances and direction,

• Guidance on how to manage your mind and body for the greatest outcome - for you and your soul's mission in your life.

Divine Higher Guidance

Sessions bring Higher guidance through verbal communication, Light Language (Angelic "tongues") that creates an energetic activation or release, and energy movement through my hands. You will be able to ask any questions or have a conversational exchange directly for clarification or Divine guidance on any aspect of your life.

These sessions are effective from a distance (remotely by phone or Skype) or in person. Each session is recorded and you will be sent an mp3 recording of it via email to listen to again later, and/or continued use of energy activations that are within it.