NetworkSpinal is a technique that results in new communication pathways between the body and mind, causing your body to develop new abilities to self-organize, adapt to it’s internal and external environment, and be aware of tension accumulating in the muscles, spine and mind. With this heightened awareness, you will develop a “magical” spine that releases tension and aligns it’s own vertebrae by spontaneously using breath, movement and positioning.

How does it work?

In this session you are fully clothed, and you relax on a cushioned table while gentle touches along your neck, tailbone, and the bio-field around you activate re organizational healing. Chemical, emotional and physical stressors are released from the body as awareness increases. Enjoy greater ease and flexibility in your body (and your life!), expansion of your breath, and experience profound body-mind healing as stress melts away. This healing method is applied as appropriate for each individual...

The Mind-Body Link

With continued sessions, the spine, body and nervous system undergo profound changes including the release of stored tension from around the spinal cord, muscles and connective tissue. When these collections of tension are discharged, previously stored energy and information is liberated. This liberation allows thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were formerly locked away and avoided in the form of physical tension, to be accessed and finally experienced. Once experienced in this safe environment, these emotions, thoughts and energy no longer hold us “captive”, resulting in new freedom, lightness, and ease in the body and mind. Layer upon layer we can unwind the invisible chains that hold us back from true health, peeling off the blockages that we have collected throughout our existence.

At the same time, the biofields (morphogenetic and electromagnetic) are addressed, releasing trauma, filling ‘cavities’ and clearing distortions that cause repeated patterns of emotions, thought and physical imbalances.